My aim is to create the most beautiful story of your day. One of the things I love about weddings is the sense of fun and excitement. It’s this I try to capture along with the quirky moments. My hope is that my photos will transport you back to your wedding day and remind you of how you felt.

To build a visual story if you like.

Whilst I capture all of the big moments, I also seek out the small moments. The natural, the off-beat and the fun. So many great moments happen in between everything that is planned and it’s these that I love to capture.

Winer of a WPE International Photographers Award
Silver award for 2019 
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The day is all about you so I work around your plans capturing moments as they happen. I start when you want me to, and tend to finish by 10pm. I won’t ask you to say cheese and I won’t ask you to do ‘that shot of the ushers lifting up the bride.’

I like to think of myself more as a photographer that goes to weddings rather than ‘a wedding photographer.’

I love being close to the action (where appropriate!) so you’ll find me blending in with your family and friends capturing everything I see, along with a few cool portraits and a few family photos. So that’s my approach. Relaxed, fun photos that capture the atmosphere of the day.

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If I could give more than 5 stars I would! Tomo is polite, professional, kind and most importantly absolutely outstanding at photography!! He has a fantastic eye for details that are so vintage and classy. Tomo never bothered us during the evening of our wedding after the professional photos were done, all the rest were completely natural, but still done so professionally. I recommended Tomo to my friend and having seen any album she is over the moon and can't wait until her own album is done. Can't say enough. He' wonderful!

 Thank you so much, Tomo!!!! Xx

Madeleine & Trevor / High Wycombe Golf Club, Buckinghamshire


If you have a question then you’re in the right place! Here are a few of the most popular questions I am asked. This is quite a comprehensive list, but if you can’t see what you’re looking for please do get in touch and I’ll get straight back to you.

What is your approach?

I work behind the scenes capturing honest photos that tell the most beautiful story of your day. I don’t get in the way. I don’t tell anyone what to do. I work around your plans. I just take beautiful photographs.

Where are you based?

I live in London, but travel all over the UK, and even abroad.

Do you take any group shoots?

Sure thing! People don’t really hire my for this, but I understand most people want a few. I recommend keeping the number to around 10. Each one takes 2-3 minutes so that’s 20-30 minutes. Having an usher help gather people really speeds this up.

How do we book you?

To secure the date I need a signed contract and a non-refundable deposit of £200. As soon as I receive these 2 things – the date goes in the calendar (which makes it official!)

Can we buy an Album after the wedding?

Sure thing! Lots of people come back after the big day to get one.

Can we choose which photographs go in the album?

Of course! I’m happy to design it myself, or you can choose about 100 of your favourite images for me to showcase. When I photograph a wedding I do it with the album in mind. I specifically compose images in a certain way for the album layout.

How big are the photographs?

They are Big. You can easily make 50 inch prints.

Can we print photos ourselves?

Yes. But beware, some printers are better than others. If you need recommendations for a good printer just get in touch.

What happend if you're ill on the wedding day?

Whilst this has never happened, I do have a plan in place. I should state that I would have to be seriously unwell not to attend. If I broke a leg, I would still try and come in a wheel chair! Failing that I am part of a large collective of photographers. There are close to a hundred of us. I would arrange for another professional with a similar style to my own to work on my behalf. If you found your own arrangements then you would of course be entitled to a full refund (obviously!)

Can family and friens order prints?

They certainly can. Free digital downloads are also available from your private gallery.

So we own Copyrights of the images?

Not really. You have a license to print and share your photographs. The full copyright is retained by me. All that means is that you can’t sell, modify or enter the photographs in competitions.

How many photographs do we receive?

An absolute minimum of 450 images, although for larger weddings the number can often go up to 500 or 600.

How long do you stay for?

I love weddings and stay for most of the day. I start when you want me to and tend to finish at around 10pm.

Do you beckup the photos?

I sure do. In fact I’m pretty meticulous about it. Both of my cameras record the images to 2 memory cards. I back the images up to a laptop during the wedding breakfast. By the time I leave in the evening I have 3 copies of the photos and I make a 4th when I get home and upload them to ‘the cloud.’

Do we need to feed you on the big day?

I really appreciate it if you can. It’s a long day and some form of warm food goes a long way. That said, I have no diva demands so if it’s not possible I fully understand.

Are you insured?

I sure am! Public liability and professional indemnity.

What happens if your camera fails on the day?

Whilst this has never happened I use the latest professional equipment. I bring multiple cameras and a range of lenses.

How long until we receive our photographs?

I guarantee a maximum of 4 weeks, although I aim for 2. Hopefully they should be ready by the time you return from honeymoon.