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Hannah and Alexander's wedding were super memorable to me. It was the one where they planned lots of fun locations in and around Cambridge. We went from the city centre, Downing College and Wandlebury Country park. Mentally this was a logistical challenge for me (I like to keep things simple) but I have to hand it to them, the day was a blinder!

Hannah got ready at Travelodge with her brides mates and family before heading into Church for the ceremony. They met at Cambridge University so it was a pretty special spot to celebrate their marriage. A shout out to the vicar who not only gave an incredible ceremony but was also accommodating to me.

Afterwards, we went through the Downing College, where we did a photo session (as Alex put it: Photos here will be more intimate because there can only be 6 total in Downing (bride, groom, best man, maid of honour). 

The weather was off the scale! It could not have been any better.

They had decorated the marquee with lots of personal details – it looked amazing. They had a typical afternoon Tea set up, which look amazing and tasty.

In the golden hour, we used the golden light for a "sunset" photo session,

One more very important thing I need to mention, As Hannah and Alex are both medical doctors and many of the wedding party are doctors as well (we had some fun during group photos) a big thank you to all of you, especially in these tough times!

Anyway – enough chat. And on with the Cambridge College wedding photos! Enjoy!

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