• Tomo Galof

Trenderway Farm, Cornwall Wedding

Whilst I am a London wedding photographer it’s rare I get to cover weddings in London. So Nicola and Stephen Trenderway Farm wedding near Plymouth was one of the most memorable of the summer. The ceremony was held at Trenderway Farm with beautiful decoration inside main building. After a beautiful ceremony, even a few drops of rain couldn’t spoil the moment for Nicola and Stephen as they exited the church to confetti. In fact, the confetti shot is one of my favourite photographs of the day!

Nicola and Stephen chose Trenderway Farm wedding venue as the reception venue. It is nestled in the hills of countryside of Cornwall. On a sunny October day, the views were especially stunning. Guests were treated to a delicious lunch created by Trendeway Farm did a great job and I love the Indore shoot of beautiful Nicole which got the WPE International Silver Award

Anyway, thank you so much, Nicola and Stephe. You were so super fun to work with and the big smiles you wore all day made my job pretty easy.

On with the Trenderway wedding photography.

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