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Veronika & Jovan | South Hill Park Arts Centre Bracknell | WEDDING


If you’re feeling the January blues,(it’s pretty hard to remember what the sun looks like at this time of year) then take a look at Veronika and Jovan's Wedding at South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell wedding venue. It will brighten your day for sure!

In the 17th Century, this was the place to be seen, the centre of Bracknell society and where the beautiful and rich partied. Today as a wedding venue South Hill Park Arts Centre, is still one of the most stylish and elegant in The Bracknell. Bracknell isn’t home for Veronika and Jovan. So it was a natural choice to host friends and family, many who had travelled from Macedonia where Jovan is originally from, and Lithuania where Veronika is originally from. The quintessential Britishness of Bracknell and its cobbled streets are hard to resist. Plus are a great backdrop for getting the best wedding photos.

Getting ready, there’s was time for the bride to catch up with girlfriends and family. Veronika chase a classic lace dress by Sophie Grace Bridal and looked stunning! Arriving in a sports car Veronica managed to keep her cool, even when the infamous Bracknell traffic delayed them en-route. All part of the fun! The ceremony in the Haversham Room was perfect. Definitely a few tears of joy shed.

Afterwards, everyone spilt out onto the gardens, champagne and canapés. A perfect "summers" day! At the reception, there were so many fun moments especially dance competition between Macedonians and British quest. Fuel for dancing in the evening, which was pretty spectacular!

My favourite photo from the day is the one of Jovan, alone, happy, by the piano looking like, My name is Jovan, Jovan "007"

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